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informal caregiver invoice

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Informal Caregiver Invoice Instructions1. Enter the insureds claim ID and name, as well as the informal caregivers name. 2. Enter one date of service per line. 3. Complete the time in and time out
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Lets put the care back into health care Ive been working in the healthcare sectorfor the last 15 years and one of the thingsthat drew me to this sector was my interest in the care componentof our healthcare systems -- more specifically to the invaluable role played by carers Now how many of you in this roomconsider yourself a carer By this I mean how many of youhave cared for someone suffering from an illnessinjury or disability Can you raise your handif this is the case About half of the room I want to thank all of youwho raised your hands for the time that youve spent as a carer What you do is extremely precious I am a former cared-for patient myself When I was a teenagerI suffered from Lyme disease and underwent 18 monthsof antibiotic treatment I was repeatedly misdiagnosed bacterial meningitisfibromyalgia you name it They couldnt figure it out And if Im standing herein front of you today its because I owe my life to the stubbornnessand commitment of one carer He did everything he could for me -- driving long distancesfrom one treatment center to another searching for the best option and above all never giving up despite the difficulties he encountered including from a workand quality-of-life perspective That was my father I recovered and this is largelythanks to his dedication This experience turned meinto a patient advocate The closer I looked the more I sawcarers providing the same kind of support that my father provided to me and playing a crucial rolein the healthcare system I dont think its an exaggeration to say that without informal carers like him our health and social systems would crumble And yet theyre largelygoing unrecognized I am now a long-distancecarer for my mother who suffers from multiplechronic conditions I understand now more than ever the demands that caregivers face With aging populations economic instability healthcare system stress and increased incidentsof long-term chronic care needs the importance and demandson family caregivers are greater than ever Carers all over the worldare sacrificing their own physical financial and psychosocial well-being to provide care for their loved ones Carers have their own limits and needs and in absence of adequate support many could be stretchedto the breaking point Once seen as a personaland private matter in family life unpaid caregiving has formedthe invisible backbone of our health and social systemsall over the world Many of these carersare even in this room as we have just seen Who are they and how many are they What are the challengesthat they are facing And above all how can we make surethat their value to patients our healthcare system and society is recognized Anyone can be a carer really a 15-year-old girl caringfor a parent with multiple sclerosis; a 40-year-old man juggling full-time work while caring for his familywho lives far away; a 60-year-old man caring for his wifewho has terminal cancer; or an 80-year-old womancaring for her husband who has Alzheimers disease...